Corporate Stewardship

Doing it right means doing the right thing.

We believe our success stems from a business philosophy that is centered on honesty, integrity, and collaborative relationships. This philosophy extends beyond the basics of ethical business practices to include our responsibility to the environment, to our employees, and to local communities.

Landowner and Community Relations

Our employees temporarily live and work in dozens of communities across the country. We take pride in serving the communities where we work, and we act accordingly. Some contractors cut corners, leaving a trail of unsatisfied landowners. Blattner takes a different approach, working closely with project landowners, respecting and addressing their concerns, and seeking ways to serve the greater project community. Our efforts include:

  • Organizing landowner information meetings at project start-up
  • Holding local workforce and vendor fairs
  • Volunteering manpower and equipment to local authorities during emergencies
  • Taking time to develop personal relationships with landowners and meeting with them to address individual questions and concerns
  • Ensuring project sites are clean and safely maintained

Community Service

One of the cornerstones of the Blattner culture is character and concern for others. At Blattner, this means giving back to the communities where we live and work.

  • Blattner project teams contribute time and resources to support local project communities. To date, more than a half million dollars have been donated to communities across the country through sponsorships and donations to local schools, scholarship funds, charitable organizations, athletic teams, and service clubs.
  • Blattner organizes an annual food drive for corporate office and field employees. This yearly effort has raised  $125,000 in cash donations and over 1 million nonperishable items donated to food shelves in central Minnesota and across the country.
  • Blattner hosts an annual Blattner Gives Back volunteer event for employees and their significant others. The giveback event is a part of Blattner Energy’s annual conference for culture and leadership training because of the value the company and its employees place on character and concern for others – which is a cornerstone of the Blattner culture. Each year, the company partners with a local organization to create an opportunity for its employees and their significant others to give back to the community.
  • Blattner coordinates an annual golf fundraiser to support the communities surrounding our corporate office in Avon, Minnesota. In the 11-year history of the event, we have raised and donated more than $500,000 to our local police and fire departments.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the importance of preserving natural areas within and around project boundaries, and we strive to leave communities with a high regard for Blattner, our clients, and the industry as a whole. In addition to ensuring environmental compliance on our project sites, Blattner is committed to taking steps to lessen our impact on the environment.

In 2009, our corporate office in Avon, Minnesota, received Platinum Certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Energy Building Rating System™. This voluntary, third-party certification system is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.