Culture Cornerstones

These cultural cornerstones
are central to who we are.

Blattner’s culture creates exceptional experiences for our employees, partners, and clients. Our cultural cornerstones define the best of who we are and who we strive to be.

Teamwork and Collaborative Relationships

  • We make sacrifices for the benefit of the team—whether it’s our own team, fellow crews, trades, departments, or project teams.
  • We succeed through internal teamwork and collaboration with fellow employees, trades, departments, and project teams.
  • We collaborate with our clients, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and agencies, because it is critical to the Blattner difference we provide to clients on every job.

Character and Concern for Others

  • We act with integrity.
  • We treat the people around us with care and compassion, from owners to the subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and agencies we work with.

Commitment to Solutions

  • We demonstrate exceptional effort and initiative.
  • We overcome unique roadblocks and challenges.

Learning and Development

  • We have a passion and drive for learning.
  • We take the time to coach, teach, and mentor fellow employees.
  • We invest in the continuous improvement of the Blattner Energy organization.