Life at Blattner Energy

From day one, you're part of the Blattner Team.

Blattner succeeds because our employees deliver client service at a level that few others even attempt. Our people are our competitive advantage, and Blattner works hard to support and reward them. We are a unique team of talented, passionate, and dedicated individuals.

A Collaborative Team Environment

We expect a lot from you, but that’s because your contributions are essential to our success. You’ll be challenged every day to work hard, develop your technical and leadership skills, and seek the best solutions. Along the way, you’ll never be without support.

Unique Support for Work-Life Balance

The construction industry requires our teams of field employees to live and work on unique jobsites across the country. Blattner works to provide a realistic work-life balance for our team members in the field. We ensure opportunities for employees to pursue their passions off the job—spending time with family and friends, doing activities they love, and pursuing personal hobbies and goals.

Big Opportunities and Incredible Rewards

At Blattner, we work hard, but the work is engaging, rewarding, and enjoyable. You’ll have the opportunity to travel the country and grow both professionally and personally. You’ll develop relationships with fellow employees that extend beyond the jobsite. And, at the end of each day, you’ll be able to take pride in building unique projects across the country.

Blattner Culture

The four cornerstones of the Blattner culture ensure the continued wellbeing and success of employees, teams, departments, and our entire company. These cornerstones define the best of who we are and who we strive to be.

Teamwork and Collaborative Relationships
We achieve success through, and make sacrifices for, the benefit of the team, whether it’s our own group, a fellow crew, trade, department or project team. This includes external teaming and collaboration with owners, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and agencies.

Character and Concern for Others
We act with integrity and treat those around us with care and compassion.

Commitment to Solutions
We demonstrate exceptional effort and initiative in everything we do, overcoming unique roadblocks and challenges that others cannot.

Learning and Development
We have a passion and drive for learning and development. We take time to coach, teach, and mentor fellow employees and individuals, and we take an active role in the continuous improvement of the organization.