Case Study: Blattner Energy CREZ Transmission Project

Posted: February 27, 2014
   |    By Blattner Energy

The story of our work building 227 miles of 345-kV on a CREZ project in Texas demonstrates Blattner Energy’s ability to manage challenges and bring forward innovative solutions to ensure project success.


Completed in 2013, the CREZ line included installation of more than 190 miles of double circuit and 35.5 miles of single circuit transmission on horizontal double bundle core conductors. Structure installation included the direct embed of more than 1,800 concrete and steel poles plus 34 steel poles on caisson foundations. A line construction of this size would typically require more than two years to complete. Blattner Energy built the line in just 14 months—one of the shortest schedules ever achieved for a project of such magnitude.


Blattner’s complete scope of work on the project included: right-of-way clearing, access development, erosion control, fence and gates, pole off-loading, foundation installation, grounding and bonding of poles, framing, pole installation, anchors/guys, stringing/clipping (conductor, OHGW, and OPGW) and reclamation. Blattner’s success hinged on its proven construction management expertise and ability to self-perform work with a commitment to speed, safety and quality.


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