Flat Top Wind Project Awarded to Blattner Energy

Posted: January 5, 2017
   |    By Blattner Energy

Avon, Minn. (January 5, 2017) — Blattner Energy has been awarded the construction services contract on the Flat Top wind development project by Alterra Power Corp. Alterra has also announced the execution of several other contracts on the project that is located in central Texas.

Paul Rapp, Alterra‘s VP of Wind said, “The execution of these contracts positions us well to finance Flat Top and commence construction later this year. We look forward to working with Vestas and Blattner as top-tier partners to ensure the project comes online successfully in the first half of 2018.”

Contracts executed include:

  • Turbine supply agreement with Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc. to supply 100 V110-2.0 MW wind turbines; the Vestas 2 MW platform is one of the most well-proven turbines in the industry; over 1,250 of the V110-2.0 MW turbines were deployed as of September 30;
  • 10-year service and maintenance agreement also with Vestas, which provides similar services at Alterra’s Dokie project; and
  • Construction services agreement with Blattner Energy, Inc., a top-tier constructor EPC contractor that built the nearby Logan’s Gap project.

Alterra is also negotiating a power hedge as Flat Top’s primary revenue contract, and intends to place the project into construction in the first half of the year.



About Alterra Power Corp.

Alterra Power Corp. is a leading global renewable energy company, managing eight power plants totaling 825 MW of generation capacity including British Columbia’s largest run-of-river hydro facility and largest wind farm, the recently completed Shannon and Jimmie Creek projects, and two geothermal facilities in Iceland and a solar facility in Indiana. Alterra owns a 385 MW share of this capacity, generating over 1,700 GWh of clean power annually. Alterra also has an extensive portfolio of exploration and development projects and a skilled team of developers, builders and operators to support its growth plans.

About Blattner Energy, Inc.

For more than a century, the Blattner Family of Companies has delivered collaborative construction solutions to industry leaders across the United States and Canada. Today, Blattner Energy is a diversified power generation contractor and the leading installer of wind energy in North America. Blattner provides complete engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for wind, solar, energy storage and power delivery projects. For more information, visit


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