Blattner delivers reliability with every solar project.

A premier EPC contractor in renewable energy construction, Blattner has more than a century of experience leveraging new technologies and applying core competencies in emerging markets. While we began offering our capabilities as a solar power contractor in 2009, Blattner has served the energy industry for more than 30 years. Blattner delivers complete EPC services for commercial and utility-scale PV, CPV, and CSP solar projects, as well as energy storage projects, exceeding client expectations by delivering A BETTER CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE™.

Blattner’s solar capabilities include:


Project Feasibility
•  Land optimization and site assessment
•  Project budgets
•  Financing
•  Regulatory work

•  Panel layout
•  Complete design
•  Performance analysis and guarantees

•  Permitting procurement
•  Environmental work
•  Site and soils investigation
•  Estimating

Material Procurement
•  Purchase and management
•  Transportation, receiving and inspection
•  Inventory control and onsite logistics

•  Project management and schedule
•  Site development
•  Foundation and racking installation
•  Module installation
•  DC and AC collection systems
•  Monitoring/control networks installation
•  Substations
•  Transmission line installation
•  O&M buildings

Project Testing and Startup
Operations and Maintenance Services
Construction Management

Blattner Energy Solar

By the numbers:

More than 100years of large-scale construction in new markets, leveraging new technologies

Blattner Energy Solar PowerGenesis Solar Energy Center

Utility-Scale PV, CPV, and CSP Experience
Blattner brings proven performance to your solar energy generation construction project.

  • Blattner is currently constructing large amounts of MWs of solar projects across the U.S. using a variety of technologies
  • We have installed concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems and photovoltaic (PV) systems (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film) mounted on fixed and single-axis tracking systems.
  • Blattner managed the construction of one of the largest concentrated solar plants (CSP) in the United States, including overall management of material coordination, engineering, and construction.

Urivaled Self-Performance
Blattner differs from the typical solar power contractor by our dedication to executing all aspects of project construction on our client’s behalf.

  • Our proven project management skill set and self-performance of all major work activities allows us to understand the critical components of every project.
  • We effectively communicate the impact of decisions, foresee and mitigate any potential problems,  and ensure control over safety, quality, schedule, and productivity.

Driving Down LCOE
Blattner drives down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and maximizes the long-term investment for our clients. As a solar EPC contractor, we have the ability to reduce LCOE for commercial and utility-scale systems through a variety of factors, including:

  • Technology expertise
  • Financial modeling and control
  • Design and engineering
  • Construction self-performance capabilities
  • Construction management expertise
  • Strong project management skillset
  • Risk appetite
  • Schedule control and certainty
  • Excellent quality control and assurance

Adding Value
Blattner is known for adding value throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.

  • We seek to provide cost reductions and system enhancements through our upfront understanding of technologies, innovative problem solving, and technical acumen that spans more than 250 projects safely and efficiently delivered to the power generation market.
  • By strategically collaborating with our clients, Blattner has added hundreds of thousands of dollars in value to single projects.

Quality Control and Assurance
Blattner’s quality system ensures the highest levels of quality control and assurance on every project. Starting with competent, highly trained supervisors and craft personnel, our formal quality system ensures consistency in our approach, process, output, and long-term system reliability. Our QA/QC initiatives include:

  • Timely benchmarking
  • Third-party testing and inspections
  • Internal auditing program
  • Daily collection and distribution of lessons learned
  • Dedicated QA/QC individuals on every project

Other Markets

  • Power Delivery

    From pre-construction to commissioning, Blattner gets the job done by providing the flexibility needed to reach critical commercial operation dates for your power delivery construction project.

    Power Delivery Capabilities  :
  • Energy Storage

    With more than 35,000 MW of renewable energy installed in North America, Blattner Energy is well positioned to deliver reliable energy storage solutions for today's energy market.

    Energy Storage Capabilities  :
  • Wind

    Thanks to its unmatched construction expertise and a collaborative approach to wind energy construction, Blattner is a recognized leader in the wind market.

    Wind Capabilities  :