Power Delivery

We are raising industry standards for construction experience.

Blattner has served the power industry for more than 30 years with more than a century of experience building large, complex projects across the country. As a power delivery contractor, we have the expertise to successfully deliver projects of any voltage including extra high voltage. Above all, Blattner delivers A BETTER CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE™ by working as an advocate for our clients to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality, reliability, and overall environmental stewardship on every project.

Blattner’s power delivery capabilities include:

• Surveying and permitting procurement
• Land use and route layout optimization
• Geotechnical investigation

• Civil
• Structural
• Electrical
• Geotechnical

Material Procurement
• Specification
• Purchasing and management
• Transportation; receiving and inspection
• Inventory control and onsite logistics

Transmission Construction
• Site access, right-of-way, erosion control, and reclamation
• Soil and rock drilling, caisson installation and direct bury
• Foundations installation
• Structure framing and setting
• Structure grounding
• Conductor/OPGW stringing, splicing, sagging, clipping-in

Substation Construction
• Site preparation, civil work, and foundations
• Fencing and gravel installation
• Ground grid installation
• Control and power cables
• Steel erection
• Installation of transformers, breakers, switches, capacitor banks, reactors, switchgear, and bus systems
• Testing and commissioning
• Energization

Construction Management

Blattner Energy Transmission

By the numbers:

More than 30years serving the power generation market

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Power Delivery Experience
Regardless of your transmission or substation construction needs, Blattner has the ability to deliver the right resources and expertise.

  • Blattner’s transmission portfolio encompasses more than 830 miles of transmission lines ranging from 60- to 345-KV, including construction of a 227-mile 345-KV CREZ project in Texas built in just 14 months.
  • We have experience installing a wide range of structures from single wood poles, to steel monopole, to single and multi-section concrete structures in excess of 90,000 pounds.
  • We have installed conductors with single-circuit, double-circuit, and multi-bundled arrangements.
  • Blattner has built and energized more than 100 substations ranging from 60- to 500-kV and has installed multiple types and sizes of transformers, capacitor banks, reactor banks, and circuit breakers.

Unrivaled Self-Performance
Blattner differs from the typical contractor by effectively executing all aspects of project construction on our client’s behalf.

  • Our strong project management skill set and self-performance capabilities allow us to follow through on our commitments and ensure control over safety, quality, schedule, and productivity.
  • When we choose to subcontract, our partners are pre-qualified based on safety, quality, financial standing, and commitment to sharing our focus on meeting the needs of our clients.

Landowner Relationships
While some contractors view the community as a potential obstacle to success, Blattner proactively cultivates strong landowner and community relationships.

  • Blattner directly addresses landowner questions and concerns.
  • We organize landowner information meetings and hold local workforce and vendor fairs.
  • We form strong community relationships, helping to ensure our projects progress with fewer delays and setting the stage for our clients’ continued success in the area.

Environmental Stewardship
Blattner recognizes the importance of identifying and preserving local wildlife, sensitive habitats, and culturally significant resources in and around project sites. We collaborate with our clients to ensure we work within the guidelines of specified regulatory bodies on each project site, and we comply with all local, county, state, and federal regulations.


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