Blattner Energy is the premier EPC wind contractor in North America.

Blattner has installed more than 35,000 megawatts of wind power across North America, including the five single-largest projects in the United States. Our success in utility-scale wind farm construction stems from a strong history of delivering A BETTER CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE™ by responding to client needs, delivering on aggressive project schedules, and ensuring the highest levels of safety, quality, and overall client satisfaction.

Blattner’s wind capabilities include:

•  Surveying
•  Permitting procurement
•  Land-use optimization
•  Geotechnical investigation

Engineering and Design
•  Civil
•  Electrical
•  Geotechnical

Material Procurement
•  Storage
•  Transportation, receiving and inspection
•  Inventory control and onsite logistics

•  Site civil work, ROW, erosion control, and reclamation
•  Foundation installation
•  Turbine installation and mechanical completion
•  Electrical collection systems
•  Transmission line installation
•  Substation construction
•  Communication network installations
•  Testing and commissioning
•  O&M building construction

Construction Management

By the numbers:

More than 250projects built across the U.S. and Canada since 2001

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

Unrivaled Self-Performance
Blattner differs from the typical renewable energy construction contractor by executing aspects of wind farm construction on our client’s behalf.

  • Our proven project management skill set and self-performance capabilities allow us to understand the critical components of every project.
  • We effectively communicate the impact of decisions, foresee and mitigate any potential problems,  and ensure control over safety, quality, schedule, and productivity.

Electrical Competencies
Our electrical expertise differentiates us from other utility-scale wind-farm construction contractors. We’ve built a core of diverse utility veterans and experienced electrical personnel. Our team consists of in-house electrical engineering resources, task-specific engineers, and industry-proven electrical subcontractors. We believe that early integration of the wind farm design, grid interconnection, and electrical system is paramount and provides significant value to our clients. We provide assurance for renewable energy construction through:

  • Design review and optimization
  • One line development
  • Reliability planning for transmission and generation interconnects
  • Power quality considerations
  • Safety provisions in design, construction, and operations
  • Low voltage ride through modeling
  • Economic analysis of input parameters for accurate cost of fixed and variable electric losses
  • Post-commissioning performance assurance
  • Transmission grid integration

Landowner Relations
While some contractors view the community as a potential obstacle to success, Blattner proactively cultivates strong landowner and community relationships on behalf of our clients.

  • Blattner directly addresses landowner questions and concerns.
  • We organize landowner information meetings and hold local workforce/vendor fairs.
  • We form positive community relationships, helping to ensure Blattner projects progress with fewer delays and set the stage for our clients’ continued success in the area.

Environmental Stewardship
Blattner recognizes the importance of identifying and preserving local wildlife, sensitive habitats, and culturally significant resources in and around project sites. We collaborate with our clients to ensure we work within the guidelines of specified regulatory bodies on each project site, and we comply with all local, county, state, and federal regulations.

Other Markets