Power Delivery Project

345 kV Transmission Line & Substations

Flat Ridge II

To support a 470.4-MW wind project in the West Central United States, Blattner Energy installed 42 miles of single circuit 345-kV transmission line in just 13 weeks. The line included steel monopole construction with direct embed and drilled pier foundations as well as 2,200 bird diverters that had to be installed via helicopter. Additionally, Blattner built two 345 kV substations with capacitor banks, as well as an 18-acre 2-ring bus expandable switchyard facility constructed for future expansion by the utility.

Blattner was responsible for right-of-way clearing, civil work, spotting, framing, drilling, setting, stringing, sagging, and clipping of the line. Blattner also provided all labor, equipment, and materials with the exceptions of the poles and pole mounting hardware.

Client: Confidential Client
Location: Harper, Kansas
Size: 42-Mile 345-kV Transmission Line, 2 345-kV Substations
Status Completed