Power Delivery Project

227-Mile 345 kV CREZ Project

Lone Star CREZ Transmission Line Project

Blattner Energy installed 227 miles of 345 kV Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission line in the Southwest United States. The route consisted of 189 miles of double circuit and 36 miles of single cir­cuit on double bundle core conductors. Structure installation included direct embed of more than 1,800 tangent and angled con­crete and steel poles plus more than 30 light, medium, and heavy angle steel poles on cais­son foundations.

Blattner’s scope of work included: right-of-way clearing; ac­cess development; erosion control; fence and gates; pole off-loading; foundation installation; grounding and bonding of poles; framing; pole installation; anchors/guys; stringing/clipping (conductor, OHGW, and OPGW); and reclamation.

Client: Confidential Client
Location: Texas
Size: 227-mile 345 kV Transmission Line
Status Completed
Blattner Energy Transmission

Blattner Energy adapted to overcome several challenges during construction of the project in­cluding: more than a six-month delay to the original start date; engineering and geotechnical changes that caused more than 55 percent of the alignment to change as well as 30 different structure types to be added; and rains that dumped the yearly average of rainfall in just four months. Blattner’s self-perfor­mance of key project ac­tivities allowed the team to adapt to challenging project dynamics and work as a seamless unit.